A thank you to all staff at Pomeroy Living.

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Thank you to everyone who works there for your care and compassion towards the residents. You are truly God’s angels on earth.

- Carol Byers Smith

A special thank you to Elsie Saari’s caregivers! We love you. 🥰

- Denise Saari Marsh

Thank you for taking care of our special people!

- Shari Petrous Crocker

Super heroes all. Thanks for taking such good care of the residents. ❤️

- Kathy Burke Sanders

Thanks to all of you for what you do… rock on!

- Julie Froehlich

 Thank you all for taking care of my mom😘

- Barb Krause Chmiel

Thank you to everyone at Pomeroy for all that you do!!

- Anne Beauchamp Boldig

Thank you to all of you..❌❤️❌

- Amy Fluent Vacante